Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy is a collection of thirty-two essays, talks, and short studies on the history and status of women in the Orthodox Church. Though it was published over ten years ago, the issues are still just as important and relevant for us today. The articles vary in length, content, and style. Some are historical accounts of women saints; others come out of the author's in-depth study of Byzantine hymnography. Still others are personal testimonies that reflect some of her frustrations with what she sees as a gap between the life-giving theology of the Church and some of its practices, especially regarding the status of women. All of the essays are thought-provoking and engaging.

Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy can be obtained from Light and Life Publishing Co., 4818 Park Glen Rd., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416. Phone: (612) 925-3888. It may also be ordered through the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, PO Box 185, Grass Lake, Michigan 4924-185 or via the web. The price is $8.95.