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We welcome and encourage submissions of articles, poems and book reviews to the St. Nina Quarterly. We are especially interested in hearing about your experience in the Church. Submissions should be approximately 600-2000 words, double-spaced, and sent via email attachment, on computer disk via postal mail, or via the web.

In order to submit an article via the web, please register as a user on the site. If you do not already have a site account, please create an account and then return to this page and submit a brief description of our article. We will respond to you by email, and you may then submit a full-length electronic version of your article. Be sure to include contact information so that we can contact you regarding your article.

Liturgical Arts Page Submissions: This section is dedicated to the exploration of women in the liturgical arts, past and present. We encourage you to submit articles about and/or examples of iconography, hymnography, liturgical music, vestment making, embroidery, poetry, etc.

Submissions should be approximately 600 words or less, double-spaced, and sent via email attachment or on computer disk via postal mail. We can accept computer graphic images and color or black and white photographs. Indicate if you would like your original material returned to you.

If sending your submissions to us via postal mail, please address them to:

Bonnie A. Michal
Liturgical Arts Editor
at the postal address below.

If you need to send snail mail, the address is:

The St. Nina Quarterly
P.O. Box 397252
Cambridge, MA 02139